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Posted by: on Dec 7, 2005 | One Comment

I’m lazy, and kinda whacked, so a brief summary of what I’ve been up to:

  • I quit my crap job. Yay! Good idea, some good people, clueless people in charge. Same ol’ story.
  • About two months ago I started having problems with panic attacks. The first one landed me in the ER, as I thought I was stroking out or having a heart attack. Very debilitating. I will expand on this later, but suffice to say, I’ve always been one of those mind over matter types, and this thing attacked me like a charging rhino and made a fool of me. Much respect.
  • I dealt with the above two for about 2 months, but once the first happened, the other mysteriously disappeared.
  • Bought a house. Escrow closed a month ago, I gave the guy a month to vacate, and I get the keys tomorrow. It’s in Twin Peaks, yes, you’re invited to the party, and I don’t need a gift.

more later…
*tap* *tap* Peace Out. 🙂