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I really want a new Power Mac. My poor machine is nearing it’s 5th birthday, and while it’s no dog and I’ve shoved a hefty amount of upgrades into it, I can no longer deny it’s suffering from bus speed inadequacies and the woe of upgrades which are only partly compatible (for example, the FW 800 card I have in the machine prevents it from sleeping properly. WTF?)
So, I’ve been drooling over the Dual 2.7 G5 with all it’s water-cooling goodness, and then I see this on MacObserver today hinting at dual-core machines from Apple based on the latest 970 from IBM. Perhaps September. Perhaps never. Whatever, I really want to love one of those machines, as a dual-core 2.7 is 30% faster than two 2.7’s separate. Imagine two dual-cores in one machine. Oh, just imagine.
This isn’t unlikely. IBM announced the chip last month, the only real potential large-volume buyer of such a chip being Apple. It may appear at the Paris Expo next month.
If Apple loves me, they’ll deliver this machine as a testament to the PowerPC. The chip offers an ungodly amount of power and cutting-edge technology. So, Apple, please, give me one last PowerPC-based Mac before you stumble into the Intel world. I’ll wait a few years until you get all the kinks worked out then happily get my Intel-powered Mac.
And, no, I won’t buy a Windows machine. They totally disinterest me, with the exception of being able to play City of Villains.