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Blumenthal in an op-ed over at Salon:

The sound and fury of Rove’s defenders will soon subside. The last word, the only word that matters, will belong to the prosecutor. So far, he has said very, very little. Unlike the unprofessional, inexperienced and weak Ken Starr, he does not leak illegally to the press. But he has commented publicly on his understanding of the case. “This case,” he said, “is not about a whistle-blower. It’s about a potential retaliation against a whistle-blower.”

If you’re in a lurch about what happened and when, he paints a detailed-enough picture. Whether or not Rove is fucked remains to be seen — but this thing is getting legs.
What’s curious is the press suddenly seems to be doing their job because, you know, THEY were lied to. Forget lying to the American public. Doesn’t matter. The almightly White House press corp has suddenly been personally dishonored — and, by golly, they’re not gonna stand for it! This says a lot about our press. Remember the epic Clenis epidemic of the 90’s had the same MO. Nary of any interest until “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Fucking prima-donnas…