Abu Alberto

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Wolf is softballing Gonzales right now. He’s a piece of work.

“No one can produce credible evidence of abuses of the PATRIOT Act.”
Yes, that’s because the PATRIOT Act allows all investigations to be conducted in complete secrecy. Number of terror convictions? Now 1, Lynne Stewart, and that was a PR stunt. She wasn’t shopping eBay for Cesium-237.
“It’s (The PATRIOT Act) one of the reasons we haven’t had a terrorist attack in 3 years.”
Hogwash. There’s no evidence of this. The absence of an attack does not validate allowing the government to spy on its citizens. It was 8 years between attacks on the World Trade Center.
“We don’t engage in torture.”
Well, schmeeve submits Exhibit A into the record: Abu Grahib. For which people have been convicted.
Alberto also spread-headed getting a narrow definition of torture, and the President is exempt! Ain’t that fucking grand!
“We don’t want to hold [imprison] people indefinitely…”
Gitmo: 4 years and counting. Convictions? 0.

What an asshat. I’ve watched less than 5 minutes, and I can’ts takes no more…