“Stop Hurting America”

Posted by: on Jan 6, 2005 | No Comments

CNN’s Crossfire is dead. Tucker’s been whining about his poor treatment at CNN for some time, so this was expected, but Crossfire had devolved into a circus over the past few years mixing all the worst elements of political hackery and facts-free punditry. It hasn’t always been that way, and it was one of the last places this side of Neptune you could find a partisan Democrat who had a bigger voice than writing angry letters from his Montana cabin. It’d be nice to have a show where useful debate took place on the air, as Crossfire once longed to be, but I don’t really see this happening outside of Air America holding a winning $500M Powerball ticket.
And no, Jon Stewart didn’t kill Crossfire. It sucked enough on its own. Didn’t hurt tho.
Poking through the blog world today, I picked up that CNN’s Capital Gang, which no one watches anyway, is also slated for exile. The good news here being these were the two permanent homes of “Douche Bag of Freedom” Bob Novak. As Novak recovered from hip replacement last month, Stewart noted on The Daily Show, “He didn’t break it. It tried to ESCAPE!”
So, good riddance Crossfire. Thankfully, Tucker’s bowtie continues to be adorable.