Mmmmmmm… Torture

Posted by: on Jan 6, 2005 | No Comments

I really want to rant about this ridiculous debate over whether Torturo Gonzales should be confirmed.
The answer, of course, is no. This is a man who was more interested in the “legal opinions” of torture as the Abu Ghraib horror broke than the fact that, you know, people were being tortured.
His belief that the President is above the law should also raise eyebrows, which natch endears him to Dear Leader, but is nary of any interest to Americans. If he had epic tits, or lip synched, or had an adorable white baby consumed by the tsunamis, just then America might take notice.
NYT: (bold mine)

Mr. Gonzales’s role in seeking a legal opinion on the definition of torture and the legal limits on the force that could be used on terrorist suspects in captivity is expected to be a central issue in the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings scheduled to begin on Thursday on Mr. Gonzales’s nomination to be attorney general.
The request by Mr. Gonzales produced the much-debated Justice Department memorandum of Aug. 1, 2002, which defined torture narrowly and said that Mr. Bush could circumvent domestic and international prohibitions against torture in the name of national security.

We are so thoroughly fucked.