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Bush poised to be most unpopular president ever on inauguration day.
Think about that. With all this “political capital” and those HOT HOT HOT Man Dates.
This all doesn’t add up. Either people voted for him despite disapproving of him, which is of course, shameful and monumentally retarded, or of course, someone cheated. Probably both.
This country is so squirrelly.
Oh, and fuck you Time. What about the dead soldiers? (Well, that was last year.. kinda) What about all those dead Iraqis? No, let’s honor he who lied and then let die.
Granted, this is the same magazine that gave 1938 person of the year to this man and then in 1939 *and* 1942 to this man. [UPDATE: Look at list here. Other links are subscription-based. Stoopid.]