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Ho Ho Ho

Posted by: on Dec 11, 2004 | No Comments

I’ve been to two grocery stores today, and in both cases, the whole thing just left me kinda down. It’s that mix of cheery Christmas music pumped out of tin-cans in the ceiling, harsh overhead florescence, plasticy non-denominational holiday displays, and a sparsely populated store which only features trance-like pseudo-people who move slowly and keep their heads down. Depressing.
Kinda like a post-apocalyptical movie starring Lori Petty in a lesbian haircut sporting a super-weapon, some sweaty dude with an itchy trigger finger and a British accent in toe — and right before something upsettingly awful happens.
Perhaps tomorrow I’ll head down to Union Square to have some manufactured holiday cheer forcibly shoved up my ass while buying overpriced trinkets for people I could care less about. Now, that is what Christmas is all about!