Posted by: on Dec 5, 2004 | 3 Comments

So fighting for the Iraq justification du jour, freedom, in a country that obviously doesn’t want freedom, now involves calling up the ready reserves. Not new news, but watching these people on 60 Minutes — old, out of shape, being lied to over technicalities about their fulfillment of duty, and even disabled — is just so fucking disgusting.
We’re now gonna “protect America” by dropping 55 year old semi-retired women into Fallujah. Brilliant, George, just fucking brilliant.
Meanwhile, America is unfazed. Hurry, there’s a sale on Bibles at Wal-Mart!
51% of you should be ashamed of yourselves. It doesn’t get more un-Christian than this gross back-door draft. Instead of instituting a real draft — and getting able bodied people to fight this ridiculous misadventure — we get this. And why? Election year politics.