Redneck Math

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In Charleston, SC visiting the fam.
Such friendly folk:

CHARLESTON, S.C. – A Lowcountry legislator says he wants to cut South Carolina Educational Television’s budget after it aired a documentary on gays in the South.
“I thought it was just social, leftist propaganda that they had no business airing,” said state Rep. John Graham Altman, R-Charleston. “They were actively promoting homosexuality as an OK thing to do.”
SCETV President Maurice Bresnahan says his agency isn’t promoting an agenda by showing “We are your Neighbors” as part of its twice-monthly Southern Lens series of stories about life in the South.
The Southern Lens series has featured documentaries on Moon Pies and Holocaust survivors in South Carolina.
Another documentary, “Sentencing the Victim,” focused on the hardships victims endure during criminal trials. The movie, which featured a Charleston woman, is credited with spurring legislators to address shortcomings in the legal process to ease victims’ burden.
All of the documentaries are independently financed and cost the state nothing.
Altman sees the “Neighbors” documentary as an effort to promote a “militant homosexual agenda.”
Altman says if SCETV can afford to produce such programs to influence the Legislature, then it can afford to have its budget cut. The agency runs on a budget of $12.7 million, down from $20.3 million four years ago.

I love redneck math:
Gay + Neighbor = Socialist
Gay + Flower Boxes + Porch Swings = Militant Homosexual Agenda
Googling around, I found several quotes from Mr. Altman whose major concern seems to be the Caucasionally-challenged, though butt-buggery is never far behind:

Meanwhile, outspoken Rep. John Graham Altman, R-Charleston, defeated Charlie Smith, a gay Democrat who has called Altman a bigot. Altman has said Smith contributes to the decay of traditional values.

Representative John Graham Altman III
District 119 – Charleston Co.
Contact Address:
(H) 77 Folly Rd., Charleston, 29407
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Rep. Altman apparently isn’t on the internets.
South Carolina Educational Television Commission
1101 George Rogers Boulevard
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