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Ugh 2

Posted by: on Nov 25, 2004 | No Comments

Plane’s now 1:30 late, meaning I won’t make my connection.
It’s undergoing “aircraft service.” In airline speak, this can translated as such:
– Pesky things which tend to put your company insurance in jeopardy: engine failure, landing gear, hydraulics, etc. I’ve seen them fly these wide-bodies trans-con with only 1 working bathroom, so I know it’s not something as trivial as that which horribly inconveniences passengers — it’s just of concern when they might kill you.
– Cockroach infestation (this actually grounded a Delta flight in Atlanta several years ago)
– Dr. Phil arguing with gate agent adamant he is not a “customer of size.”
– Crew still at Power Exchange, whie complaining there’s more tops in Boston.
Oh, there’s my plane… whee!
Oh, and rainman is at my gate shouting out facts randomly as planes glide by:
“780K tons”