106 Dead…

Posted by: on Nov 22, 2004 | No Comments

…this month. So far.
Why again are we fighting this war? 29 more and we’re #1!
Meanwhile, it’s Groundhog Day. (And overused analogy at this point, I know.) Middle east country. Shadow groups claiming the government is hiding nuclear programs. Bush wants “inspections” if they’ve got “nothing to hide.” Colin’s got a powerpoint deck. Imminent threats.
Porter is turning the CIA into ideological group-think and yes-men. She who thumbed the “Bin Laden determined to attack the US” memo most vaulted to highest cabinet position. Congress unable to pass security reforms. Omnibus bills give back $350B to over-subsidized tax-free corporations. House repeals law which prevents indicted members from serving as leader (now that’s its a Republican). “JFK Reloaded” wants you to shoot the 35th president — a Democrat — more points for being “historically accurate.” Your tax returns available to any member of Congress. The dollar at new lows against the Yen and Euro. China owns $550B of the US — more than the entire US deficit. Congress passes bill to raise debt ceiling to merely pay the interest and keep us from federal bankruptcy.
At least Emperor W has a hand-woven Chilean poncho. Uh huh. He’s got clothes.
Seriously, will we ever pull our heads out? Do we want to be remembered as the civilization which could of been but was too busy chasing our own tails?
Jesus can’t save you now.