Canada Ho!

Posted by: on Nov 3, 2004 | One Comment

It’s disheartening to watch America vote against itself — against it’s own economic interests, against civil rights, and against the world. It’s difficult to stomach the arrogance of a party universally sporting that same shit-eating grin this morning as they set their sights on a renewed attack on the foundations of this country and its Constitution. It’s inexplicable and maddening, but it’s not the end.
Like a battered spouse who insists she’s still loved, Americans said yesterday they still love George W. Bush. And like that battered spouse, it’s becoming increasingly evident Americans will need to be beaten within an inch of their lives before finally seeking shelter from that which abuses them. For this, I am truly sorry, as I do believe you will receive that beating, soundly, in the next four years. I am sorry for the 55M Americans who tried to stop the abuse only to be trumped by bigoted zealots who pow-wow every Sunday to fear and fight that which has nothing to do with their own personal lives. I am sad for those in 11 states who have outlawed love and commitment. That hate will destroy you from the inside. I am sorry for those who tried to stop Senate candidates who believe a woman’s right to choose is punishable by death.
When I cast my vote yesterday for John Kerry, I cast it in faith that he could lead the country should he become president. Likewise, I have faith in him to make a decision of when to call it quits, as he did a short time ago.
It’s over folks. For now. Rest a few days and let’s prepare for 2006.