The Things I Do For My Country

Posted by: on Oct 26, 2004 | No Comments

Off to Arizona (and maybe NV) tomorrow for swing state neighborhood-walking or whatever else I need to do.
Prediction: Kerry wins at least 285 electoral and popular vote. Don’t believe the polls. Especially the oversampling-GOP Gallup and, which despite its best intentions, is more-for-fun than employing any real methodology.
Buh-bye George. Congrats — you’re just like daddy.
Meanwhile, my attempts to find Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was somewhat fruitless today despite stops in Circuit City, EBGames, CompUSA, and Good Guys. So I ordered it off Amazon and had it two-dayed to Arizona where I’ll be. That’s one way of cracking that nut I suppose. I think Sam owes me a free copy anyway, but bygones… read the OPM review here. It might — just might — be the best game ever.
See you Monday. We are gonna win this thing. Trust me on this one.