Fox Posts Fake Kerry Quotes

Posted by: on Oct 1, 2004 | No Comments


The phony item posted early Friday read in part:
“Rallying supporters in Tampa Friday Kerry played up his performance in Thursday night’s debate in which many observers agreed the Massachusetts senator outperformed the president.
“‘Didn’t my nails and cuticles look great? What a good debate!’ Kerry said Friday.
“With the foreign-policy debate in the history books, Kerry hopes to keep the pressure on and the sense of traction going.
“Aides say he will step up attacks on the president in the next few days, and pivot somewhat to the domestic agenda, with a focus on women and abortion rights.
“‘It’s about the Supreme Court. Women should like me! I do manicures,’ Kerry said.”
The item also quoted Kerry as saying of himself and President Bush: “I’m metrosexual — he’s a cowboy.”

No, it’s a mistake, really! They swear!