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Catching up on The Daily Show from last week. (God bless TiVo!)

And to those critics who are so pessimistic about our economy, I say, don’t be economic girly-men!


Yes, for the 1.3M Americans who have sunk into poverty this year, Arnold’s message to you is simply, “Suck it up faggots.” “Walk it off.” “You can do it.”

While I’m talking about it, more on the Arnold speech:
Arnold crowed over the Nixon/Humphrey debate. Nevermind there was actually was no such debate, and Nixon was thrown out of office months later in disgrace.
Also nevermind this wasn’t the only flatout lie. Case in point: the “Soviet tanks” comment. There never were any Soviet tanks in his Austrian hometown when he lived there.
Total meatbag.
(Of course, we should probably blame Karen Hughes for the blunders, not Arnold. She was so busy with the Zell “I challenge you to a duel” Miller fascist manifesto and the Shrub proclamation of disinformation vs. insurmountable facts, she probably forgot to fudge these facts as well as the others. Hope she’s getting overtime, the poor girl. More on Hughes: The Other Women)
UPDATE: My GOP friend notes that I may have taken things out of context. So, I’ll concede Arnie never used the word “debate” and he never said the tanks were in his hometown — just in Austria. Does anyone else get the facts vs. implication angle? Of course not, because that matters not. I’m just a liberal baby eater.
So let’s break down to true analysis, implication aside: Arnie based his decision to be a Republican entirely on TV. So he says. That same TV provided him all said needed principles to align himself to a party, God bless El Impeachadiablo Nixon. Secondly, wherever Soviet tanks appeared in Austria, he was there — apparently privy to some sort invasion schedule from the enemy — so he could make such a claim at the RNC. Unless he’s holding out on some sort of unexpected vacation which included Soviet tanks as a bonus. Because, as those pesky facts dictate, they did not parade down Main St. in his hometown. But he SAW them. So he must of been traveling. Or something. Honestly, I tend to think the Soviet Tank Tour of Austria is a bit less exciting than the Sex Tour of Cambodia, but bygones…