Somewhere, Ted’s crying…

Posted by: on Jul 26, 2004 | No Comments

CNN’s CoverageLight (now with 50% less real news!) of the DNC has left me hurling insults at the TV screen more than a few times today. Watching Judy Woodruff bait former President Jimmy Carter with her partisan slant is nauseating… not to mention just downright disrespectful.
It runs the gambit from “you don’t really think a MA liberal can win, do you?” to “polls show W is clearly stronger on homeland defense” to “did the Democratic party tell you what to say tonight and ask you to be nice to Kerry?” (I’m paraphrasing here.)
Let’s see, she’s reinforced a favorite GOP 4-letter word, promoted a bullshit statistic, and insuniated Carter doesn’t really like Kerry that much all before it’s time to run a Swiffer commercial. Nice job, toots.
She’d be less obvious giving Bush a handjob in primetime.
(Hmmmmm… I *am* just up the street from CNN HQ. Granted, most the bobbleheads are in Boston, but I’m sure there’s a giant plug outside the building I can accidently trip over.)