Plogs Psuck

Posted by: on Jul 17, 2004 | 2 Comments

Amazon is trying to capitalize on the popularity of blogs with some crackpot invention called a “Plog.” They’re basically expansive product love notes written by Amazon staffers — you know, the description you’d find in a detail page. But now laid out in blog-like fashion! As a homepage for the site! Fucking brilliant!
plogsaredumb.gifOr not… completely useless as they’re (a) too wordy to convey anything useful in an appropriate time for a homepage, and (b) offer no prices.
It gets worse. I sent this to tonight:

Please dump this “Plog” idiocy and bring back the old homepage. Who the hell are you trying to kid? Who the frick wants to read 580 words on “Six Feet Under – The Complete Second Season.” Do you think I’m living in a hole? Then there’s not even a price listed! Hello ass, insert head!
Oh, and then you link to Glenn Reynolds and James Lileks one click off your new home page. (What is a Plog?) Two particularly nasty wingnuts, one of whom you crown “The Blogfather.”
I mean, are you trying to piss me off on purpose?
This might be a deal breaker. And to think we had such a good relationship.