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Posted by: on May 21, 2004 | One Comment

Outside the Safeway I usually go to, almost daily, since it’s close:

Chron has the story, plus video.

The camera had a bird’s-eye view of the broad-daylight shooting of 26- year-old Chris Johnson, the city’s 36th homicide of the year. Grainy video shows two men in T-shirts running up to the driver’s side of a Ford Contour, which was parked in front of the check-cashing store window, and firing multiple shots at Johnson before running away.

City homicides are getting a little nuts this year. Needs to stop. Newsom is showing up at some of the crime scenes (including this one), which I think is more than a PR move. Hope he’s got a rabbit in that hat. I’ve always felt relatively safe in this city, despite its size.

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  1. ren
    May 24, 2004

    Yeah, I live in this district too. Newsom needs to show up BEFORE the crime scene, if you know what I mean, in the form of jobs and money for schools. It’s a crime. (I put some statistics together in the link). Remember when he was campaigning and he had his Fillmore around the corner from that Safeway? He had rallied the local churchgoers and everyone in the community to vote for him – there were highschool kids walking around with Newsom buttons. When he got elected he was outta here so fast – he closed up shop. Those kids are out of school this summer and can’t find a job.


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