The Other Woman

Posted by: on May 13, 2004 | No Comments

James Moore has an interesting perspective into the interworkings of Karen Hughes over at Salon.

No one saw Karen Hughes’ transcendent moment with George W. Bush. Possibly, she had already crossed over from being his communications consultant to being his confidant.


Actually, Hughes had become unsettlingly close to her boss long before journalism or outsiders began to take note. In fact, her worst critics have accused the presidential counselor of living almost vicariously through Bush. His goals and political ideology have been so inculcated into Hughes’ consciousness that she may no longer be able discern between her own thinking and the president’s. This undoubtedly is an odd characterization to make of two of the world’s most powerful adults. There is, however, no shortage of evidence to prompt the speculation.

Undoubtedly, this will be written-off as a hack piece by the right, but it is interesting if nothing else. Watching Hughes on TV promoting her “expansive love note to her president, ‘Ten Minutes From Normal'”, it becomes quickly evident she’s beer-bonged the Kool-Aid and W is our present-day messiah. Hughes’ claims to fame are the hatchet-job Bush did to fellow-Republican McCain in 2000, followed by an all-out campaign to bury the drunkard Bush angle the media was feebly following. Indeed, she’s willing to dive into the dirt for her president, no matter how taboo the topic.

It’s difficult to understand how anyone outside of the Jerry Springer show can behave this way, but this article makes at least some attempt to bring reason to her inexplicable devotion to Our Dear Leader.