Comcast Jesus

Posted by: on May 5, 2004 | No Comments

Apparently “cannot be waived” CAN be waived.

Backstory is here, and today I received this:

Dear Steve,

Thank you for contacting Comcast Cable.

I understand you we’re charged an installation fee of $15.99 when all
the technician did was drop off the HDTV box.

After careful consideration, and upon reviewing your account, I have
decided to request a credit for your account for $15.99. Please allow
for 30-90 days for the credit to be approved and applied to your
account. I do thank you for your patience.

I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

If you have any further billing related questions or issues you wish to
discuss, please feel free to write back into us.

Thank you for choosing Comcast.


Stephen H.
Comcast Customer Care Specialist

What really irritates me is, whether I’m right or not is entirely beside the point, in Comcast-land, arguing with me is more expensive than just giving me the credit. In other words, the poor get screwed — yet again. Who’s gonna argue semantics over bullshit charges but me (and those like me)?

Mildly ironic, I’m also a “Stephen H.” But still, Comcast: go fuck yourself.

I’m slightly encouraged to take this further — to push for refunds for all those that were charged some bullshit fee when the “cable guy” did little more than drop off a box. I imagine I’m not alone, considering the thought of some sweaty 20-year-old molesting my expensive TV gives me chills. It’s my fucking TV, and I set it up, why do I want you fiddling with it? I’d just rather do it myself.

As I said it before: Comcast, go fuck yourself.