Go Outsourcing!

Posted by: on May 4, 2004 | 2 Comments

An e-mail exchange I’m having with Comcast. What a bunch of weenies.

Back story: they dropped off a new cable box the other day, which I just took delivery of and hooked up to the TV myself. The guy was here maybe 3 minutes. For this, I have to pay $15.99 for an INSTALL fee. But nothing was installed. Semantics, I know, but the fee is clearly a rip and, well, they can go fuck themselves. At the very least, I fully intend to use at least $15.99 of their resources arguing this with their dimwitted support staff.

My original query, sent via online web form:

What’s up with the $15.99 “INSTALL” charge for the HDTV box? The
guy was there all of 3 minutes. He dropped the box off and didn’t touch
one wire.

Their reply:

Thank you for contacting Comcast Cable.

We apologize for the confusion, but the $15.99 is the fee for installing
the HDTV box. This fee cannot be waived. We apologize for any

If there is anything else we can help you with, please contact us.
Thank you for choosing Comcast.


Comcast Online Orders

Good job Caleb. You da big man around the office, aintcha? You told me!


Thank you for your curt and dismissive email.

However, I must point out — yet again — that nothing was actually INSTALLED. I was simply handed a box, which I connected myself. If the $15.99 is indeed for installation, the way I figure it, you owe me $15.99. After all, I installed it.

So to whom should I send the bill?

Thank you.