Twins Be Testifyin’

Posted by: on Apr 29, 2004 | No Comments

Ok, so all the news stories I’m seeing on the Bush/Cheney testimony today at best speculate that, yes, they’re testifying together to “keep their story straight.”

Um, why is this news? I mean, isn’t this how it always is? For all we know, they had danishes, coffee, and ordered up some strippers from Scores.

Fucking bobblehead media.

Look, there’s three big known issues which they’re conveniently ignoring about the whole thing:

  1. Why is Bush lying — again — about wanting to testify. They tried their damnedest not to testify at all, but only succumbed after a public outcry. Furthermore, he’s lying — yet again — that he didn’t previously insist on only testifying for only one hour.
  2. What the hell is up with the wussy commission even agreeing to these Rovian terms? Insane! No outcry over that. Nope, none at all.
  3. Why is the White House lying about Clinton and Gore’s testimony, claiming it was also in the same fashion — not taped or transcribed. That’s, in fact, utter crap. Transcripts of their testimony will be released.

Instead, we get crap quotes from Bush like “I answered every question they asked.” Well, Jesus H, isn’t that fucking special. Meanwhile, we’ve got Bob Kerrey saying “It was a good meeting.” Um, hello, except for the bullshit circumstances under which it was held? And to think I liked you Bob.