Posted by: on Apr 18, 2004 | 2 Comments

schmeeveTV.jpgI found out the Comcast HDTV box will output S-Vid/Composite even on an HDTV channel, letterboxed and lower-quality, while still pushing high-def through component. Nice. So I present a quick and dirty diagram of how all my TV crap is hooked up, partly to prove my own insanity, and partly in response to Michael’s comment in the last item about not knowing how it’d all hook up. Maybe this’ll help…

(Click for larger image)

UPDATE: I’ve read several complaints that these HDTV cable boxes do not include DVI out. This one does. It’s also got a variety of other as-of-yet-undetermined-use ports: Ethernet, USB, smartmedia. I assume some of this may bake-in with an upcoming PVR, unless that’s an all-in-one box. The Comcast guy encouraged me to go that route, but I told him I ain’t giving up my TiVo for their sanitized/ad-filled experience. Can’t tell you much about the box except it’s Comcast- and Motorola-badged.