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(Yet Another Airline I Won’t Fly)


The [1.2 million] passenger records, which cover an unspecified week in June 2002, included credit card numbers, frequent-flier numbers, phone numbers, addresses, meal preferences and health data provided at the time of purchase, according to American Airlines spokeswoman Stacey Frantz.

It gets better — the TSA then lied to investigators when asked if it had any such data or if the agency had aided contractors in acquiring such data.

I’m really getting tired of the private sector bending over for Ashcroft’s attempts to bring the blacklist back en vogue. (Of course, this is a mere distraction from his all-out war on secular America and non-Christians.)

Northwest and jetBlue have already admitted to gleefully doing their own data dumps.

EFF has a good page on the highly secretive CAPPS II program.