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Posted by: on Apr 14, 2004 | 3 Comments

So, I was in South Carolina this past weekend visiting the parents. I landed at 1am last night… and am hella tired. So, bed, here I come. (Oh, and by the way — I did not grow up in the South. I have no Southern accent and I do not like NASCAR. I grew up in Los Angeles, but my parents did not so they retired there. Got it? Good.)

While there, I convinced mom to buy a new computer. They had a “classic” iMac, vintage 1999 or so, and it was time to go. So I — rather easily — convinced them it was time for a new one. This was surprising considering the machine was sitting on a 150 year old table accompanied by a 120 year old chair. Having the new “lamp-style” machine sitting next to the “boob-style” one was really a testament to how much they’ve improved. Aside from simple internals, the screen and the design of the thing are first-class. But this is old news.

There is no place near Charleston to buy a Mac. At least that I could find. Circuit City and Best Buy have/do carry these things in other markets, but they were no where to be found around Charleston. So I had to order one, and of course, it had to come overnight considering I needed to set it up before I left and transfer all the old data.

This morning, I get this frantic email:

From: Dad
To: Me
Subject: Printer not working!!!

Please help!!! Dad.

So, I log onto the machine (remote access is my friend), find out what’s wrong, and reply:

From: Me
To: Dad
Subject: Re: Printer not working!!!

The printer is out of paper.