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Posted by: on Apr 14, 2004 | 3 Comments

So, I was in South Carolina this past weekend visiting the parents. I landed at 1am last night… and am hella tired. So, bed, here I come. (Oh, and by the way — I did not grow up in the South. I have no Southern accent and I do not like NASCAR. I grew up in Los Angeles, but my parents did not so they retired there. Got it? Good.)

While there, I convinced mom to buy a new computer. They had a “classic” iMac, vintage 1999 or so, and it was time to go. So I — rather easily — convinced them it was time for a new one. This was surprising considering the machine was sitting on a 150 year old table accompanied by a 120 year old chair. Having the new “lamp-style” machine sitting next to the “boob-style” one was really a testament to how much they’ve improved. Aside from simple internals, the screen and the design of the thing are first-class. But this is old news.

There is no place near Charleston to buy a Mac. At least that I could find. Circuit City and Best Buy have/do carry these things in other markets, but they were no where to be found around Charleston. So I had to order one, and of course, it had to come overnight considering I needed to set it up before I left and transfer all the old data.

This morning, I get this frantic email:

From: Dad
To: Me
Subject: Printer not working!!!

Please help!!! Dad.

So, I log onto the machine (remote access is my friend), find out what’s wrong, and reply:

From: Me
To: Dad
Subject: Re: Printer not working!!!

The printer is out of paper.



  1. michael
    April 14, 2004

    Wait, you do like NASCAR?

  2. schmeeve
    April 14, 2004

    Holy. Mother. Of. God.
    Um, fixed that.
    I’m now extremely fearful that was some sort of foreshadowing… do you think I’ll look good in a beer helmet?

  3. michael
    April 14, 2004

    Yes, yes I do. 😀


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