Three Mac OS X Finds

Posted by: on Mar 30, 2004 | No Comments

Got a bunch of stuff I should post, and will soon, but some recent Mac OS X finds which I’m fond of:

  • Path Finder: I used this back when it was called SNAX, and someone at work recommended it again. I’ve got a couple of peeves with it, and I think having an integrated text editor and terminal is kinda geekboy overkill (terminals as part of a window rather than being their own window strike me as stupid), but whatever. The smart sorting is nice, as are its column browsing and about a billion other features. (Uh, thanks Rob.)
  • OmniWeb 5: This is still in beta and it shows. But it shows real promise. The tabbed browsing, while different, is really turning me on. You get thumbnails of web pages in a sidebar rather than tabs — which is actually quite handy. Given a known website, you can look at the thumbnail and see “where it is.” Other niceties include location shortcuts (for example, type “google schmeeve”), per-site customization, Safari bookmarks (it’s live, not just imported), and other goodies. It’s got a way to go, and this version uses Apple’s WebKit, allowing the browser itself to focus on GUI gadgets and bells n’ whistles. Me like. However, the unchangeable icon set is butt-f’ing ugly. Side note: disable FruitMenu if it crashes on launch. Side note 2: It’s nice that there’s such a variety of good viable browsers for Mac OS X: Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, Camino, OmniWeb, even iCab. God bless for producing 3 of those. I still think Gecko rules, and were Camino given more attention that’d still be my everyday browser.
  • NeoOffice/J: an implementation of OpenOffice tailored for Mac OS X. No X11 required. Again, beta, or really even alpha, but definitely much easier to install than OpenOffice.