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Some personal updates:

  • I have a new job in Palo Alto. The people are fantastic, but I know my coworkers are reading this, so I had to say that.
  • In reference to the last item: But seriously, I’m quite pleased with the people and the environment so far at my new job. And I’m not one to keep my mouth shut.
  • I turned 31 today.
  • In reference to the last item, that sucks. Big time. What’s left? Death? Marriage, kids? (Oh Lord, where to even begin with why that won’t happen.)
  • AOL sent notice of the last chunk of money they owe me today. Not a small sum, and I’m off to Vegas tomorrow!
  • In reference to the last item, I had a good time at AOL and I really liked the time I spent with my team. The company? Not so hot, though. I’m glad it’s over, and although it was two years too late, God knows I wasn’t going to leave without a package. And I’ve been proved right: I had my out, I took it, and it paid off.
  • Carolyn and I have confirmed upgrades to First on our flights to Vegas tomorrow. I love United. I’ve never been denied an upgrade.
  • In reference to the last item, I lost my Premiere Executive status on United this year.
  • In reference to the last two items, this royally sucks. I’ve gone from 50k miles to less than 25k miles a year. On a bankrupt airline, but I still love them.
  • In reference to the last three items, my friend Chris no longer works for a corporate travel agency and can no longer score system-wide upgrades for me free of charge.
  • In reference to the last four items, why did a bankrupt airline go for a PR makeover that involved repainting all their planes? That’s not cheap.
  • In reference to the last five items, I noticed my neighbor has a massive 50″+ Plasma Sony sitting in his living room. He used to work for United, but is missing half of his right arm. In fact, his license plate reads: “LK MY 1[HAND SYMBOL]” Makes me wonder: is United footing his Plasma buy? I call him “Stumpy,” but never to his face. Is that wrong of me?
  • I’m going to buy a new Power Mac G5 as soon as a speed bump is announced. Rumors put it at March 23rd, but Apple is notoriously tight-lipped.
  • Some woman in Connecticut drove her car into a lake attempting to baptize herself after apparently being moved by “The Passion Of The Christ.” I am unimpressed. I call on all viewers of “The Passion” to re-enact all of the last 12 hours of Jesus, including The Crucificition. I’ll arrange the Jew, if need be.

That’s all.


  1. michael
    March 10, 2004


  2. schmeeve
    March 10, 2004

    No cake. Just sushi that work brought in to “remember the 10 days we’ve had together with Steve.”

  3. Your Worst Nightmare
    March 30, 2004

    In reference to items 1 and 2, you bet your ass we’re fantastic!
    In reference to the last item, yes, we are soooo reading every word you write!
    In reference to item 3, you should be happy you’re prime.
    In reference to this item, this item intentionally left blank.


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