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Memo to UPN

Posted by: on Mar 4, 2004 | No Comments

Stop showing the same damn episodes of The Simpsons!

Episodes from 2001-2003 are endlessly repeated, somehow missing an entire decade of the longest running sitcom in history. Knock it the fuck off already! It fills no less than 3 timeslots per day… and I don’t need to see Bart emancipated by Jane Kaczmarek anymore, okay? No more Simpson family visits to Epcot, and while the Screamapillar episode does bring a hardy har-har, I don’t need to see it again for the 18th time in the last 3 months. Got it? Good.

Oh, and only one Voyager repeat per week, yet The King of Queens twice weekdays? Um, no. Bad UPN, BAD!

That is all. Have a nice day.