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“AOL is realigning its resources”

Posted by: on Feb 17, 2004 | No Comments

With those words, I was laid off on December 6th. Yesterday was my technical separation date from the company.

So, for shits-n-giggles, I fed “AOL is realigning its resources” into the Anagram Server.

Some tasty results:

  1. Uglier, anti-social regressions.
  2. Sacrilegious goriness latrine.
  3. Irregular, egoistical nosiness.
  4. Arousing in soleless geriatric.
  5. Stingers or salacious lingerie.
  6. Coarse, gnarlier litigiousness.
  7. Neurotic as sillier aggression.
  8. Ugliness on a greasier clitoris. (Well then!)
  9. Arousing costlier lingerie ass.
  10. Sore sneering litigious rascal.
  11. A sillier atrociousness nigger. (Yikes!!!!)