Best Answer from Debate

Posted by: on Feb 15, 2004 | No Comments

Lester Holt: Do you believe the President knowingly lied and if so why? [in regards to Iraq war]

Al Sharpton: First of all, I think, if he didn’t know he was lying and lied, that’s even worse. Clearly he lied. Now if he’s an unconscious liar, and doesn’t realize when he’s lying, then we’re really in trouble. Because absolutely he was a liar. They said they knew the weapons were there, members of the administration said they knew where the weapons were. We’re not just talking about something passing here, we’re talking about 500 lives. We’re talking about billions of dollars. So I hope he knew he was lying, because if he didn’t and just went into some kinda crazy psychological breakdown then we’re really in trouble. I’m a minister, why do people lie? Because they’re liars. He lied in Florida, he’s lied several times, I believe he lied in Iraq.

We should give him his retirement [so he can] figure this out and explain this.