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This just killed me.

Dennis participated in a knock-off of “The Dating Game” last night on Jay Leno. ABCNews’ The Note sums it up beautifully:

The image of a presidential candidate standing next to Jay Leno on a retro psychadelic game show set was surreal enough, but the contestants’ fame and racy answers made it downright Fellini-esque. The participants included Oscar-nominated actress Jennifer Tilly, the lithe blonde Republican/radio megastar consultant Kim Serafin, and actress Cybil Shepherd.

Some highlights (or, one could argue, lowlights):

  • Jennifer Tilly asking in her best Betty Boop voice “How’s your hanging chad?”
  • Cybil Shepherd screaming “I’m ready for a wardrobe malfunction!” after which she lifted up her dress to reveal satin pink underwear.
  • Shepherd towering over Kucinich and trying to make out with him after not being picked, then reprising the skrit-lifting to make sure Kucinich had the chance to see it.
  • Serafin, in what’s safe to call a politically incorrect answer, claiming that if she were First Lady and the Chinese president came to the White House, she assumes he’d be bringing take-out so would order the number 4.

Kucinich ended up choosing Bachelorette number 1, Jennifer Tilly, and seemed genuinely shocked and delighted a the contestants’ true identities. One can only assume he would have preferred to stay and have a real interview with Jay before heading out, but instead the vegan and his date were sent to dinner on the show at the raw food eatery Raw.

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