Maybe Matlock Can Help

Posted by: on Feb 12, 2004 | No Comments

Since the CIA can’t seem to find any Iraqi WMD, they’re hoping you can — and that you’ll be more than happy to tell them.

The Iraqi Rewards Program promises swag for information on imminent attacks, WMDs, Ba’thist leaders, insurgencies and missing coalition personnel. No word on whether they can keep the power on in Baghdad long enough to submit the form.

If you have information relating to Iraq which you believe might be of interest to the U.S. Government, please contact us through our secure online form. We will carefully protect all information you provide, including your identity.

To help us confirm and act quickly on your information, you must provide your full name, nationality, occupation and contact information including phone number. This allows the U. S. Government to grant rewards for valuable information. We will maintain strict confidentiality.

Apparently, a tip-off to the whereabouts of an Anthrax vile will get you 50 tickets redeemable at any Chuck-E-Cheese. Or a FastPass to Gitmo.