Agreeing with the RNC

Posted by: on Jan 5, 2004 | No Comments

Not that CNN is unbiased or even “fair and balanced,” but yesterday I noticed them scrolling something across the marque during the Democratic presidential debate. “RNC: ‘Bickering between democratic candidates is vile'” (Interesting that the “liberal media” scrolled a message from the RNC in a space they only otherwise used for summarizing comments from candidates.)
The sad part is, I couldn’t agree more. It’s disgusting, and completely counter-productive. I realize it’s primary season, but the circus surrounding the Democratic candidates this year is creating more attention than ever… caution and appropriate behavior is paramount. The attention on attacking fellow possible Democratic nominees is, well, vile indeed. In this respect, I have to hand it to John Edwards for behaving like a gentleman and not attacking front-running Dean. I also have to hand it to Dean for asking the other candidates to join him in supporting the Democratic nominee no matter whom it may be during the debate. That was good politicking.
Meanwhile, Lieberman grossly attacked Dean getting down into nuts n’ bolts that really probably don’t matter at the end of the day. Jesus, no one is Jesus. (Not that Lieberman believes in Jesus, but anyway.) This needs to stop, less the whole bunch be summarily dismissed by the voting public at large… Dems included.
Naturally, the candidates I liked most from the debate last night were Kucinich and Mosley Braun. They’re the leftist of the bunch, and I did notice left-wing advocate Ralph Nader on “Crossfire” today basically endorsing Kucinich as a “Democrat,” although he may still run as an independent. Whatever Ralph, let your ego lie and stay out. Please. Meanwhile, Kucinich and Mosley Braun don’t stand a chance, so hopefully whomever the front-runner is will adopt some of their platform. (Not likely, though Kucinich made a shot at Dean for that last night trying to get him to adopt some of his platform. Good move, Dennis.)
I just don’t know what 2004 holds for us in the election. It’s going to be intense and crazy, that’s for sure. Yes, the goal indeed is getting Bush out of office. In fact, I think that’s paramount to saving the country at this point. Bush has been 10x more effective than even his father or two-timer Reagan into turning this country into a fiefdom for the rich, and leaving the rest of us as a disenfranchised servant class. In this respect, he’s been one of the most successful presidents ever… and 99% of the country suffers as a result.
If you Southerners and Midwesterners could just see past the God and flag-waving thing, you’d see what you’re getting yourselves into… but that won’t happen.
Um, God, save me? Please?