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Unfucking Believable

Posted by: on Dec 31, 2003 | 2 Comments

shitbag.jpgI go out to have breakfast with my old boss this morning in Palo Alto. On the way, I stop for a car wash. When we get there, as always I park away from everyone, as I don’t want anyone touching my car, dinging it, molesting it, looking at it funny, thinking bad thoughts about it, etc. Trust me, I’m beyond anal about my car… to the point where I just annoy the shit out of most of my passengers. I’m even crazy enough to have bought a camera phone just to take pictures of license plates if I’m forced to park near someone in a crowded parking lot.

However, during breakfast, some shitbag hit my car, leaving a giant dent in my front quarter panel and tearing the front body molding. (Think reversing out of parking space and turning too sharp.) Shitbag left no information. Even a fucking apology would of been nice. I know this happened there, since I walked around and inspected the car not 3 hours earlier at the car wash and the only place I had parked was in that lot.

People suck.

Oh, and during breakfast? A roach crawled up onto the table under my left arm. I should of been suspicious — God’s been known to warn before via insects.

It’d be a small miracle, but if you saw anyone in the city parking lot behind 447 California St in Palo Alto hit-n-run a black Acura this morning around 11a-noon, let me know. I swear I’d hunt them down like a dog in the night if I had anything to go on…

Jesus, people suck!

Any recommendations for a top-notch body shop in the bay area?

Anyway… Happy New Year. I don’t think it’s possible for 2004 to such any worse than 2003, so at least that’s something… right?

Ugh, so unhappy.