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Parental Units Over Iowa

Posted by: on Dec 18, 2003 | No Comments

My parents are in-route to San Francisco for the holidays, choosing to visit me this year… I’m not entirely freaked out yet, and Mike is still here for moral support (and to provide a distraction).

Things will pretty much go like this:

Soon after deplaning: Complaints about airline, seats, food, and connecting airport. “We like Charleston’s airport.” (The fact that there’s no directs between Charleston and SFO is completely beside the point.)

Parking lot: Complaints about the car, it’s lack of four doors, it’s color and interior, and the sport seats. Bonus point: impressed by navigation system.

Car ride up to Napa: “So… what did you do to get laid off?” Demand for an itinerary and list of dinner reservations. Inevitable comment about selection of music.

@ the Napa B&B: Some back-handed comment about the room and about how it’s costing them “over $100 a night.” (Truth is it’s $280 a night, and I’m paying the difference.)

And that’s day one! They’re here until the 26th.

They’ve already made things difficult enough. I bought e-Tickets, since paper tickets were $40 extra per ticket (and there is two per person each way), and they were utterly unconvinced they would be able to get on the plane without a physical ticket.

Anxiety increasing…