Got a few minutes?

Posted by: on Dec 3, 2003 | No Comments

Donate your time or money to elect Matt Gonzalez mayor of San Francisco. There’s less than week left, and this guy may actually pull it off! If you’re more accustomed to the lesser-of-two evils approach: Matt’s hair is slightly less criminal than Gavin’s. urges you to stop Bush’s looting. This time it’s $820B of your tax money in back-room corporate giveaways, monopoly media ownership, and rolling back rules regarding overtime pay.
WorkingForChange wisely suggests avoiding Wal-Mart this holiday season: “Wal-Mart engages in some of the worst labor practices in the country: paying its employees substandard wages, forcing unpaid overtime on its workers and refusing to provide affordable health insurance.” Plus, you can even send a “No presents from Wal-Mart for Festivus” e-mail to all your friends and family when you’re done. If you’re still not convinced, learn about Wal-Mart’s heavy-handed and possibly illegal behavior here in the bay area.