Salon gives me a Hardon

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I really do love Salon, and you know what? The money they want for Salon Premium is totally worth it — it’s just that good, and I’m shamelessly plugging it. No one is perfect, including Salon, but they’re leaps and bounds above the rest — and it’s just good hard-hitting journalism.
Save the Earth — dump Bush: an interview with Robert Kennedy Jr., an environmental lawyer

All of the investment we have made in our environmental infrastructure since Earth Day 1970 is now being undermined in a three-year period of astonishing activity.
The NRDC Web site lists over 200 environmental rollbacks by the White House in the last two years. If even a fraction of those are actually implemented, we will effectively have no significant federal environmental law left in our country by this time next year. That’s not exaggeration, it’s not hyperbole, it is a fact.

Lining up to fight “the forces of evil”: The religious right will mount a scorched-earth battle against the Massachusetts decision to permit same-sex marriage. And the White House may join in. (This one really pisses me off. What the hell is everyone so damn afraid of?)
“Welcome to Vietnam, Mr. President”: As White House denials grow insistent, some of the sharpest thinkers of the Vietnam generation see stark parallels with the war in Iraq.
Is Dean too hot?: The Democratic front-runner has ignited a blaze of Bush hatred. But will it burn up the party’s chances in 2004?
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