The Real Beneficiaries of the Iraq War

Posted by: on Oct 9, 2003 | No Comments

One of these days, I’m gonna stop spewing politics, maybe around November 2004, or perhaps when I move to Canada.
But not today. Check out Divvying up the Iraq pie [], a detailed report on who the real winners of the Iraq war. (HINT: It’s NOT Iraqis!)

America’s Iraq-sticker-shock may turn to anger when taxpayers discover the small group of men and companies reaping the benefits of President Bush’s newly found appreciation for nation building. While Vice President Dick Cheney’s company, Halliburton, has attracted most of press attention for its Iraq-related contracts, Halliburton is hardly the whole story. Halliburton’s share is but a slice of multi-billion dollar pie being divided up among a brotherhood of unusually well connected and economically related individuals and entities.

Salon also notes To the cronies go the spoils.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch: SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Phone logs and records related to the Plame leak investigation will be given to White House lawyers before being turned over to the Justice Department. Some have fingered the Bush camp in the leak, calling it an act of revenge. But you knew we’d never really know what happened, didn’t you?