Gov. Arnold: Mmmm… Misguided Frustration

Posted by: on Oct 7, 2003 | 2 Comments

It appears Schwarzenegger will take the governorship of California. He ran as an “independent” Republican, a for-the-people, “let’s take back California” kinda guy. Bush “won” spewing this ideology in 2000, which was clearly utter bullshit, so why Californians are buying it this time around is beyond me. Ugh, misguided frustration, me thinks. But I digress…
Unfortunately, I don’t really think Arnie understands what he’s up against: This is a solidly Democratic state. The assembly and state senate are heavily Democrat, and I hate to break the news to him during his victory lap, but listen up Arnold: you’re only going to get as much done as they want you to…
But anyway… bygones. Let’s see what happens.
As for Gray Davis, for better or worse, his political career is effectively kaput.
Some interesting nuggets:

  • Election Results []
  • Prop. 54 went down, the so called “Racial Privacy Act” which really amounted to nothing more than “racial discrimination without a paper trail”
  • San Francisco, where I live, is as Democratic as always, saying no to the recall by a 4-to-1 margin (80%). The rest of the Bay Area also said no to the recall, but by not nearly the same margins. The rest of the state was ~60/40 for, with Los Angeles being nearly 50/50. Just look at this SpatiaLogic map, and you’ll get an idea of why the Bay Area is so unique in this state.
  • CNN Exit Polls: 64% of voters said Schwarzenegger did NOT “address the issues.” (Uh, then why’d you vote for him, fool!?) 47% thought the recall was a waste of money, and more believe we can’t solve the budget crisis without raising taxes than those who do not
  • CNN Quick Vote [unscientific]: 83% believe the recall will NOT solve California’s problems
  • Democrats are already circling their recall wagons… as if you didn’t see that coming. Target: 3/04. To get you started: Procedure for Recalling State and Local Officials []
  • Many pro-lifers voted for Arnold even though he’s clearly pro-choice. Usually a deal breaker. Republican win at any cost?
  • Cruz Bustamante is still Lt. Governor and will continue to serve under Arnold’s administration
  • Support Arianna Huffington’s Clean Elections Initiative for the March 2004 ballot
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight: “This just in… Schwarzenegger has been accused of groping Hitler inappropriately.”