It’s official: Huffington is out!

Posted by: on Sep 30, 2003 | No Comments

Dear Arianna,
You did the right thing stepping down this evening on Larry King Live, and I thank you for bringing real issues to the forefront and having the where-with-all to speak your mind at the end of the day. God knows, no one else is. You did the right thing, and I thank you for having the intelligence to know that you can make more of a difference in the coming week defeating the recall, rather than turning over the world’s 5th largest economy to an actor with no experience who will be a dog on a choke chain to the Bush administration. You truly have propelled yourself as a real person and activist instead of a self-serving politician — evidence that many of things said about you were patently wrong. Congratulations!
I support your “three NO’s and one YES” platform moving forward through the next week:

  1. NO on the Recall.
  2. NO on Schwarzenegger.
  3. NO on Prop 54.

And YES! “on the Clean Elections Ballot Initiative I filed last
week, which I will be working overtime to pass in 2004.” Read
more about the Initiative:
At any rate — for Christ’s sake, educate yourself — DO NOT cast your vote in ignorance. It’s the wrong thing to do, and you know it.