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Bloodsucking and The Family Guy

Posted by: on Sep 26, 2003 | No Comments

Got vampired today in a pre-op visit. Naturally, the vein was missed the first 3 times, and I became a pin cushion. I hate needles — intensely. It’s a wonder I didn’t faint.
Oh, and when I asked “What happens if there’s some catastrophic turn of events and I’m at risk of dying?” there was a long pause… very long… total silence and bewilderment at the question. She had no answer… but then finally, she astutely mentions “Well, there’s a hospital next door.” So I asked “Isn’t that YOUR hospital?” meaning the hospital with the same name as the out-patient surgery center I’m sitting in now. “Oh yeah,” she replies. Gee, ain’t that fucking grand.
On a completely unrelated note, I realized this morning The Family Guy Season 3 came out on DVD earlier this month. Whee!