What will $87 billion buy?

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Bush is asking for an additional $87B in spending for the “war on terror” in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those are your tax dollars, and the National Priorities Database provides a handy calculator letting you know what your money could of bought instead…
$87 billion could buy:

10,609,953Housing Vouchersor
12,647,184People Receiving Health Careor
1,340,702Elementary School Teachersor
9,870,130Head Start Places for Childrenor
37,971,435Children Receiving Health Care
But it begs another question: what’s the acceptable trade-off of lives for profits? Every day we spend in Iraq, American soldiers are dying and Bush refuses to let other countries help because it isn’t on his terms — which are complete American control of the rebuilding effort. Don’t let his little trip to the UN today fool you: the terms haven’t changed. Obviously, no country is going to put their soldiers in harm’s way without having a say in how they are utilized. And why do we want complete control? Simple: to ensure profitable rebuilding contracts go to American companies. (It’s not there’s any risk of making the situation worse… it’s already been a “spectacular failure” (TM).) This makes it a double-whammy for the other country: no profit sharing and dead soldiers!
So how many Halliburton dollars is that dead American GI worth?