An Austrian, a crippled smut king, and a midget walk into a bar…

Posted by: on Aug 6, 2003 | 3 Comments

Well, perhaps not a bar, but they’re trying to make their way into the California governor’s mansion.
Terminator and sexual harasser Arnold Schwarzenegger entered the race today, joining the likes of Larry Flynt, porn star “Angelyne,” Gary Coleman, and Gallagher — yes, he of watermelon-smashing fame.
Political pundit Arianna Huffington and her gay ex-husband Michael have both thrown their hats in the ring, but Diane Feinstein has declined — perhaps wisely considering a single vote for governor could be spent on any one of 350+ candidates.
Well, at least the whole world won’t be laughing at us… *cough*

geoURLs… or… I’m surrounded by idiots

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I added a geoURL. A fascinating, yet completely frightening experience. For example, there’s “saladwithsteve” or “Tuna Breath” — neither of which I’ve had the guts to click on. See the results for yourself.

Bourbon and Mosquitos

Posted by: on Aug 4, 2003 | One Comment

Damn. A Jim Beam distillery in Kentucky burned up to the ground, taking with it more than 1M gallons of bourbon.
Meanwhile, a mosquito that entered my downstairs window on Friday night, then involved me in a viscous cat-and-mouse game throughout the weekend, met her end last night. After landing on the wall over the couch, poised to strike, I spotted the fucker and smashed her bloodsucking ass against the wall. Hard. The bastard got 4 good bites off of me on Friday night as I slept. Throughout the weekend, I spent many an hour stalking like Predator, constantly being teased as she would pass in front of me only to disappear — somewhere, anywhere, watching me like a delicious platter of veins. I vowed, obsessed, and stayed up all Saturday night refusing to sleep until my seek and destroy mission was complete. Last night, I slept like a baby… bite free. And today I bought some 100% DEET Off! repellant. Sure, I’ll probably grow an extra cancerous testicle, but at least I’ll be mosquito-bite free.
Bottom line: I suppose I won’t be saluting my West Nile virus with Jim Beam…

SBC Sues RIAA; porn firm goes after swapper identities

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SBC subsidiary Pacific Bell Internet has sued the RIAA to stop subpoenas to release the names of internet music swappers. As much as I loathe SBC, when it comes to this, good for them.
But of more particular interest, is the mention that porn-house Titan Media has also sued to identify 59 swappers presumably passing around clips of their boy-on-boy smutfests.
At their current clip, it’ll be 2200 years before the RIAA can sue all 60M file swappers. But… rather than end up as a statistic:
• The EFF has a page on how to protect yourself.
• The RIAA has stupidly posted a handy Excel spreadsheet of songs on their hit list.
• And Slyck News explores a possible pattern emerging in the RIAA tactics.