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Bourbon and Mosquitos

Posted by: on Aug 4, 2003 | One Comment

Damn. A Jim Beam distillery in Kentucky burned up to the ground, taking with it more than 1M gallons of bourbon.
Meanwhile, a mosquito that entered my downstairs window on Friday night, then involved me in a viscous cat-and-mouse game throughout the weekend, met her end last night. After landing on the wall over the couch, poised to strike, I spotted the fucker and smashed her bloodsucking ass against the wall. Hard. The bastard got 4 good bites off of me on Friday night as I slept. Throughout the weekend, I spent many an hour stalking like Predator, constantly being teased as she would pass in front of me only to disappear — somewhere, anywhere, watching me like a delicious platter of veins. I vowed, obsessed, and stayed up all Saturday night refusing to sleep until my seek and destroy mission was complete. Last night, I slept like a baby… bite free. And today I bought some 100% DEET Off! repellant. Sure, I’ll probably grow an extra cancerous testicle, but at least I’ll be mosquito-bite free.
Bottom line: I suppose I won’t be saluting my West Nile virus with Jim Beam…