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Suffering at the Gym

Posted by: on Aug 27, 2003 | No Comments

One of the last perks here at work is a gym on campus. A decent facility, with shiny new equipment and a wide variety of machines and weights. Clean, relatively uncrowded, and free to boot.
Like most gyms, there’s the ubiquitous low-volume radio and a wall of TVs in front of the cardio machines. Lately, it’s been some crap techno radio station with “high NRG” remixes of Madonna songs, with the TVs tuned to MSNBC and the Food Network. Slightly ironic, that last one.
Anyway, last night, the benign became the contemptible. The techno had been replaced with easy listening, and the TVs has been tuned to the Christian Broadcasting Network. By the time I realized this, I was several minutes into the cardio routine and didn’t want to start over. I was trapped. A CBN vignette actually featured some college-bound chicky taking her Bible shopping at Target. Lordy.
Furthermore, my “complimentary” workout towel suffered from some strange unnatural funk, there were no water cups, and the girl next to me on the elliptical had a wee problem with “gas.”
Well, you know what the Bible says: Pain is temporary, vanity is forever.
(Wait, maybe that’s just my bible.)