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Old habits are hard to break

Posted by: on Aug 19, 2003 | One Comment

9.0 is barely out the door, and what more sure-fire way to show the Street you’re behind your efforts than through a massive layoff! Rumors abound, and although the numbers seem high, sometime before Labor Day is the generally accepted belief. Why? We were all promised 4 extra days of vacation during said week, so it’s a rush to avoid paying out for those extra days, natch.
Memo to CEOs: Do your research — these slash-n-burn tactics have never proved successful, despite their current popularity. In fact, during an down a economy, those companies which have faired best are those which re-invest in themselves to take most of advantage of the upswing.
I can guarantee you one thing: if there is a layoff, not 1 will be a Washington lobbyist. The greedy corporation and our elected piggies are wallowing in their own filthy corruption like never before, now re-invigorated after the monumental collapse of Enron, Adelphia, and WorldCom proved that voters couldn’t care less and a carefully worded soundbite was worth twice that evaporated pension fund! Ain’t America grand?