Why IT doesn’t like Macs

Posted by: on Aug 16, 2003 | No Comments

Robert Cringley suggests that Macs aren’t more mainstream in business because of IT job security. A long known fact, Windows machines simply require more maintenance and support. It’s sure-fire job security, and apparently something that’s not overlooked by IT professionals in today’s difficult market. Along the way, he tackles the moving-IT-to-India issue and its associated problems as well as Linux as a “OS for everyone.”
I’m one of the few that has a Mac as my primary machine at work. I begged for a Mac within weeks of getting hired, after being given a Windows 98 laptop, and it was approved — with which I attribute much of my productivity to. I truly treasure it, and believe it’s been a huge advantage over those around me, especially with Mac OS X and it’s Unix underpinnings.
Last week, everyone — yes, EVERYONE — in my group, was struck by the MS Blaster worm. Except me.
I do need Windows sometimes. Well, only for one in-house application, otherwise never. I turned off networking, and booted up Virtual PC with Windows 2000. I installed the patch to protect myself against the the Blaster worm, having downloaded it with my Mac browser. I was never exposed to it.
The Power Mac G5 is here. It’s the fastest consumer/prosumer computer on the planet. Hyper-transport has approved as a standard. Am I expecting stellar sales for Apple? No, not really. They’re not really cheap (albeit reasonably priced), but they are the best. I’ll be buying one. And I’m okay with the masses avoiding Apple — it’s the same reason I avoid Wal-Mart. I know there’s something better, and I’m happy with others not knowing. šŸ™‚