New Toys… no, not those kind

Posted by: on Aug 14, 2003 | No Comments

Picked up the Samsung A600, totally on impulse, and got an iSight this week. (That was really last week’s impulse that got delivered yesterday.) There’s a theme here — cameras — but I already have a shitload of digital video devices with which I do nothing. Perhaps if my life suddenly turned interesting, I’d be prepared to prove it to unbelieving friends. Hell if I know.
Anyway, this A600 is kinda whacky — flip-phone with a swivel screen and rotating barrel camera. I keep swearing I’ll swear off Sprint for good, but I’m locked into a contract until October 2004. (Granted, the termination penalty is $150 and the phone I just bought was $330.) It’s cool, and thankfully my car adapter and home charger from my A500 work with the A600.
The camera is “good” quality for being from a phone. Pics are 640×480 — that’s high resolution for a tiny pocket phone. It also has a CCD sensor rather than the cheaper CMOS ones found in most phones. All in all, not a bad phone. Reception, a notorious sore point with Samsung phone owners, is also much improved in this phone.
In addition to the A600, Sprint also launched the VGA 1000, a cheaper camera phone which Samsung labels the A620. Costco has a coupon this week good for $50 off select Sprint PCS phones, including the VGA 1000, but sadly not the A600.