Few More…

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Per request, a few more pics up…
[ Hmmm… I need to figure out a way to get some of those Google ads in those iWeb photo galleries. Granted, only $30 so far, but maybe I can pay for 11 months of hosting out of the year instead of 12… that’s 8% savings! Yeah, screw you too.
UPDATE: Well, that was easy. Now I need to ask Google why this gallery has been tagged for PS3 ads. “Yellowstone 3” == “PlayStation 3”??? okay then… ]

So Gay

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More pictures of Yellowstone — flowers, elk, coyote, pronghorn, raven, bison, waterfalls and even a super gay rainbow!

#1 Threat

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Sexy Beast

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Das Photos

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I’ve managed to sneak off a few shots when not battling Germans for the best locations.
Knock yourself out. I’d put more up, were it not that I’m on dialup and I don’t like you that much anyway.
Tomorrow off to Jackson and the Tetons for two days.

Greetings from Yellowstone

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Nothing says fun like… WYOMING!?

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Off to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole for a week.
My itinerary thus far:

  • Use new Canon 30D, take many many pictures — since so few of the area exist..
  • Hike (like, duh)
  • Indulge my disaster fetishism. ‘Resurgent caldera’ sounds hawt, huh? ‘Supervolcano?’ Pfft! Too tarty.
  • Avoid being taken as a mate by a moose… there’s been some hanging around SF, I’m told it’s me
  • Fashion meself a coon-skin hat… Or perhaps a pashmina
  • Be more like local Harrison Ford: get loaded, fly private plane, crash
  • Answer: can Old Faithful be used as a bidet?